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Title: Academic Integrity for STEM Students
Authors: McKenzie, Amanda
Nearing, Erin
Barichello, Maria
Mutch, Stephanie
Weaver, Kari D.
Hutchinson, Rebecca
Szigeti, Kathy
Chee, Michael
Voichita, Stefaniada
Maocheia-Ricci, Anthony
Zubairi, Hiba Hasan
Sebastian, Cathy
Kholodova, Janna
Keywords: Citation; Plagiarism; Unauthorized Collaboration; Unauthorized Aids
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Library, University of Waterloo
Abstract: This six-lesson series is tailored for students in STEM disciplines and introduces them to key concepts of Academic Integrity practices. These modules emphasize the academic experiences unique to STEM students, especially when learning and working online, and draw on real-world examples to help students delineate between acceptable and unacceptable practices. STEM student mastery of AI relates directly to their future understanding of professional ethics within their chosen STEM field: this series helps ensure STEM graduates comport themselves ethically in the workforce and as leaders in their fields on the global marketplace. The series is available in English and French versions and has been designed in H5P to be fully adaptable to suit the needs of individual instructors and learner audiences. Lessons may be taken out and used independently as desired. Real-world examples of academic integrity are provided throughout in four content streams reflective of disciplinary difference in STEM: Computer science; Engineering; Mathematics; and Science. All lessons in the series are individually licensed under CC 4.0-BY-NC-SA. Attribution information is included at the end of each lesson, along with contact information for questions around non-approved use.
Other Identifiers: 97256595-744d-468a-bae1-9c060d3e0024
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