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Title: Health Education Media Library
Authors: Dilkes, Danielle
Dilkes, Danielle
Carlisle-Johnston, Emily
Mo, Nyren
Elshorafa, Suzanne
Challis, Alison
Way, Kristen
Menard, Melony
Rooyakkers, Michael
Brown, Meghan
Leighton, Phyllis
Thomas-Holder, Sherine
Chang Chen, Yi
Canterbury, Jill
Morris, Tony
Chan, Ryan
Savill, Jackie
Nicolle, Michael
Florendo Cumbermack, Anita
Jenkins, Mary
Fraser, Alex
Chinnadurai, Anu
Casserly, Courtney
Sinclair, Barbara
Keywords: photos
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2022
Publisher: Western Libraries
Abstract: The Health Education Media Library is a community-sourced open access repository of medical, dental and health education media assets including images, videos and audio clips. The collection contains high quality assets curated by health care professionals and educators that will be useful for educators to use in the creation of their own teaching materials. One of the primary goals of the collection is to ensure that the media is representative of a diverse population of both patients and health care providers (emphasizing representation across different ethnicities, genders, ages, and body types) and inclusive of stigmatized health care topics. The collection will continue to grow as we receive new submissions and work with additional collaborators.
Other Identifiers: 6dbc9bef-0a2a-426b-a46e-93122f326505
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