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Title: Introduction to Health Assessment for the Nursing Professional : Part II
Authors: Lapum, Jennifer
Hughes, Michelle
St-Amant, Oona
Ziegler, Erin
Lashley-Trambulo, Raquel
Metersky, Kateryna
Lee, Charlotte
Onagbeboma, Ovie
MacEachern, Diane
Rahman, Rezwana
Leung, Vikky
Callahan, Sheilagh
Petrie, Paul
Verkuyl, Margaret
Prendergast, Nadia
Savicevic, Nada
Accettola, Evan
Cosgrove, Caitlin
Ferguson, Starr
Bogdan, Arina
Chawda, Meera
Ghafouri, Saba
Gebreamlak, Sabrina
Trambulo, Joseph
LaForest, Shelly Philip
Accettola, Evan
Govindaraj, Praveen
Pemasani, Mahidhar
Issue Date: 2023
Series/Report no.:
Abstract: Introduction to Health Assessment for the Nursing Professional” is an open educational resource (OER) created for undergraduate nursing students at the introductory level. Educators co-curated this OER in collaboration with students for students. This resource is a unique contribution to nursing education as content is theoretically informed by health promotion in the Canadian context and by an inclusive approach to health assessment that incorporates culturally-responsive techniques related to race/ethnicity, gender/sex/sexual orientation, body sizes/types, and ability/disability. It is the first health assessment resource that is informed by clinical judgment with the goal to facilitate students’ clinical decision making and ability to prioritize care by recognizing and acting on cues and signs of clinical deterioration. Interactive clinical judgment activities and formative assessments to evaluate a student’s learning are integrated throughout the resource. The integration of clinical judgment throughout this resource will support students’ capacity to enhance patient safety and equitable health outcomes as well as their success in writing national nursing exams to become licensed to work as a Nurse.
Other Identifiers: c0219f79-0fb5-41aa-b527-b9d3afe5fa9e
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