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Title: Key Concepts of Intermediate Level Math
Authors: Wang, Meizhong
Keywords: Adult Basic Education
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: BCcampus
Abstract: This textbook is a concise, understandable, and effective guide on intermediate level mathematics. This book can be used by Adult Basic Education programs at colleges; students in community colleges, high schools, tutoring, or resource rooms; self-study readers, including new teachers to brush up on their mathematics; professionals as a quick review of some basic mathematic formulas and concepts; and by parents to help their children with homework. In this book, each topic, concept, term, and phrase has a clear definition followed by examples. It acts as a concise study guide, quickly getting to the heart of each particular topic, helping students with a quick review before doing mathematics homework or preparing for tests. Key terms, definitions, properties, phrases, concepts, formulae, rules, and equations are easily located, and it provides clear step-by-step procedures for applying theorems and solving word problems, using realistic real-world application examples. In addition, each unit has a self-test that allows students to test their understanding of the material. Students can also take the self-test before beginning the unit to determine how much they know about the topic. Those who do well may decide to move on to the next unit.
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