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Title: Environmental Sustainability in Practice
Authors: Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Dr. Xavier Fazio
Christine Janzen
Dr. Douglas D. Karrow
Dr. Julia Baird
Dr. Chris Fullerton
Dr. Ryan Plummer
Dr. Romila Verma
Dr. Marilyne Jollineau
Brodie Hague
Dr. Kevin Turner
Darren Platakis
Dr. Todd Green
Dr. Gary Pickering
Samantha Morris
Amanda Smits
Dr. Liette Vasseur
Dr. Wendee Kubik
Issue Date: 2017
Description: <p>Welcome to Environmental Sustainability in Practice! We are excited that you are interested in learning more about what is happening in the field of environmental sustainability. We have chosen to introduce you to five areas in which society is working towards environmental sustainability: education, planning and management, agriculture, geospatial technologies, and communications. These areas reflect the expertise of the individuals involved in the development of the learning modules, as well as provide a sample of the diversity of disciplines, practices, and actors involved in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. Many other areas and topics could have been added to this work, but this was beyond the scope of the project. We hope the examples chosen highlight the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of environmental sustainability, the complexity of the field, as well as the positive steps that are being taken toward a more sustainable world. You can work through the modules in order, or choose whichever interests you the most and begin there.</p> <p>The creation of the following modules would not have been possible without the collaborative effort and support of a number of individuals at Brock University and the many individuals who kindly agreed to take part in this project beyond the campus. The ESRC would like to acknowledge and thank the following Faculty and individuals for their input, support, and dedication to the project to bring you these learning modules:</p> <ul><li>Sustainability Education: Dr. Xavier Fazio, Christine Janzen, Amanda Smits, Dr. Douglas D. Karrow</li> <li>Environmental Planning and Management: Dr. Julia Baird, Dr. Chris Fullerton, Dr. Ryan Plummer, Dr. Romila Verma</li> <li>Sustainable Agriculture: Dr. Liette Vasseur, Dr. Wendee Kubik, Dr. Julia Baird </li> <li>Geospatial Technologies: Dr. Marilyne Jollineau, Brodie Hague, Dr. Kevin Turner, Darren Platakis</li> <li>Environmental Communications: Dr. Todd Green, Dr. Gary Pickering, Samantha Morris</li>
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