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Title: Journalism Skills
Authors: Lisa Taylor
Gavin Adamson
Nicole Blanchett Neheli
Keywords: Journalism
Issue Date: 2017
Description: The topics for these six new modules were chosen after extensive consultation with our undergraduate faculty members. The teaching that takes place in these modules is of two kinds: Technical training that can be returned to several times over the space of a journalism curriculum so that learning outputs are reinforced; and areas in which our students present the greatest divergence in competency—for example, some students enter university with solid numeracy skills, while others are unable to calculate a percentage change. Given the unevenness of knowledge from one student to the next, we concluded that the most effective and efficient way for students to learn these skills was at their own pace through self-paced and interactive online learning modules, rather than simply being expected to keep up with their peers in a lecture hall or lab. These six modules can be used as stand-alone learning objects, or provided as a “set” of modules to enhance an introductory level course provided as a hybrid model. Each of the modules’ primary topics will be addressed in three to five minute videos that situate the learning outcomes in the journalism context. In each case, the end of the video begins a formative, self-assessment phase by asking the student to problem solve. Next, multiple-choices and true-false quizzes deliver more formative assessment, offering tips and full solution options.
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