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Title: The Canadian Handbook for Careers in Psychological Science
Authors: Norris PhD, Meghan E.
Tyson W. Baker
Cathy Keates
Miguel Hahn
Thomas I. Vaughan-Johnston
Leandre R. Fabrigar
Katie Lawrence
Cannie Stark
Meredith L. Chivers
Christopher Bowie
Su Buchanan
Tess Clifford
Julie Goodman
Lindy Kilik
Martin Logan
Caroline Pukall
Michael C. Seto
William A. Borgen
Roberta A. Neault
Tara K. MacDonald
Valerie Wood
Erica Refling
Valerie A. Kuhlmeier
Kyla Mayne
Wendy Craig
John Stead
Alex Wiseman
Kim Hellemans
E. Kevin Kelloway
Steven M. Smith
Marguerite Ternes
Skye Stephens
Katelynn Carter-Rogers
Lori Dithurbide
Poppy DesClouds
Kylie McNeill
Natalie Durand-Bush
Christina DeRoo
Sommer Christie
Cheuk F. Ng
Robert Gifford
Jennifer A. Veitch
Lindsay J. McCunn
Liesette Brunson
Alexis Gilmer
Colleen Loomis
Damian O'Keefe
Samantha Urban
Wendy Darr
Keywords: Psychology
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Despite psychology being one of the most popular undergraduate programs, students often report not knowing how training in psychology relates to careers. In this book, experts within many sub-disciplines across Canada provide insights and advice on just some of the many ways that training in psychological science can build expertise that can be applied in many careers across sectors.
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