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Title: Gender and Sexualities : An Inquiry
Authors: Damron, Jason Gary
Reitenauer, Vicki L.
Keywords: Gender studies, Sexology
Issue Date: 16-Oct-2014
Publisher: Portland State University Library
Citation: Damron, Jason Gary and Reitenauer, Vicki L., "Gender and Sexualities: An Inquiry" (2014). PDXOpen: Open Educational Resources. 2.
Abstract: Gender and Sexualities: An Inquiry provides an interdisciplinary and intersectional framework for thinking critically about the historical and contemporary applications of knowledge about gender and sexuality. This may be straightforward in some arenas, but we will find navigating gender and sexuality terminologies (e.g., sexual orientation, what constitutes “sex” in particular places and times, sexual identity, gender and gender identity, among many other discussions) to be a rigorous historical, personal, political, philosophical, and anthropological study (to name just a few of the intellectual traditions we encounter). Throughout we encourage readers to interrogate social ideals and other narratives that aim to “naturalize” gender and sexuality. IN other words, we will address gender and sexual identities and practices and meaning as historical, cultural, and political phenomena. We will question whether contemporary categories infer that bodily practices, pleasures, and knowledge are permanently tethered to universal, trans- historical ideals and thought. We will investigate the intersectional contexts where sexualities and genders take shape and provide. Finally, throughout readers and students should begin to understand the rich and deep efforts of gender and sexuality based social movements and thought and appreciate the ethical significances of various claims about gender and sexuality.
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