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Title: A Guide to the Principles of Animal Nutrition
Authors: Cherian, Gita
Keywords: Veterinary nutrition
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2020
Publisher: Oregon State University
Abstract: This book entitled “A Guide to Principles of Animal Nutrition” consists of 20 chapters. As the name says, this book is a guide primarily meant to serve students taking animal nutrition courses at the university level and is not a full-scale animal nutrition text. Information digestive anatomy and processes provide the foundation to understand how animals utilize nutrients. The text begins with basic information on feed nutrient analysis, anatomical and physiological bases of digestion in food producing ruminant as well as non-ruminant animals. Description of chemical structure, digestion, absorption, assimilation, and metabolism of energy-producing nutrients followed by vitamins and minerals are emphasized in rest of the chapters. To integrate the basic knowledge of nutrition with practical animal feeding, the book closes with two chapters discussing some of the major feed additives used in animal diets and methods used in assessing feed nutrient utilization.
Other Identifiers: 317a33bb-f12f-4709-8433-700d5cc3f0a7
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