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Title: Spunti - Italiano elementare 1 : Italian 101 at Muhlenberg College
Authors: Leisawitz, Daniel
Viale, Daniela
Tomaino, Omar
Giordano, Enrica
Azar, Jarrett
Clarke, Timothy
Keywords: Language teaching and learning
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Muhlenberg College Open Educational Resources
Series/Report no.:
Abstract: Spunti is a fully designed course available to all college instructors of Italian for use and adaptation. Spunti consists of straightforward grammatical explanations; printable activity packets for in-class use included in the introduction to each unit; interactive exercises for linguistic practice and cultural enrichment for each unit; and complete semester lesson plans included in the appendix for instructors.
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Spunti-Elementare-I-Lesson-Plans-1.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Spunti Elementare I Lesson Plans – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)449.91 kBPDFView/Open
Il-gioco-delle-nazionalita.doc.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Il gioco delle nazionalità (The nationalities game) – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)65.63 kBPDFView/Open
Il-gioco-dei-gesti.docx.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Il gioco dei gesti (The gestures game) – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)59.8 kBPDFView/Open
Quanti-anni-ha-il-Duomo-di-Milano.pptx%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Quanti anni ha il Duomo di Milano? (How old is the Duomo of Milan?) – CC BY-NC-SA (Microsoft PowerPoint)2.49 MBMicrosoft Powerpoint XMLView/Open
Il-programma-settimanale.docx%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Il programma settimanale (Weekly schedule) – CC BY-NC-SA (Microsoft Word)32.01 kBMicrosoft WordView/Open
Scambio-di-SMS.docx.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Scambio di SMS (SMS exchange) – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)71.67 kBPDFView/Open
piantine.doc.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Piantine (Seedlings) – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)159.3 kBPDFView/Open
Le-persone-ideali.doc.pdf%%anc%% Resource for Educators: Le persone ideali (The ideal people) – CC BY-NC-SA (Digital PDF)47.18 kBPDFView/Open

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