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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Modules to Support Online Delivery of Advanced Ceramic CourseCoyle, Tom
2022-02-27COASTLINE: COASTal management and geomorphology onLINEHouser, Chris; George, Libby; Weir, Elissa; Lubrick, Mark
2022-02-28Virtual Learning Resources for Education and Training in Neutron ScatteringClancy, Patrick; Van Gastel, Greg; McMillan, Taryn; Huang, Symphony Hsiao-Yuan; Smith, Evan; Zi, Yijia; DiPasquale, Mitchell; Gbadamosi, Omotayo; Henderson, Melissa; Himbert, Sebastian; Mueller, Eva; Yuan, Bo; Clancy, Patrick; Van Gastel, Greg; McIntosh, Amy; Crosbie Ramsay, Vanessa; Gaulin, Bruce; Kim, Young-June; Marquardt, Drew; Rheinstadter, Maikel; Yamani, Zahra
2022Essential Primary Health Care Skills : Virtual Simulation Games for Nurse Practitioner EducationZiegler, Erin; Luctkar-Flude, Marian; Tyerman, Jane; Ziegler, Erin; Chumbley, Lillian; Tyerman, Aiden; Charnish, Erin; Tait, Christie; Schindel-Martin, Lori; Barton, Luisa; Canning, Matthew; Wilding, Laura; Erdalin, Robert; Aucoin, Ginette
2022-02-28Preparing Tomorrow's Clinicians with TeleOralHealthDempster, Laura; Cassim, Nashat; Conaghan, Anne-Marie; De La Barra, Sofia; McCulloch, Christopher; Posluns, James
2022-02-28Online Instructional Skills WorkshopVesely, Monica; Faubert, Jennifer; Frake-Mistak, Mandy; Ozols, Catharine; Penner, Gwen; Joukova, Antonina; Courtney, Rachel; O'Leary, Michael; Nietsch, Megan
2022-02-25Evaluating the Impact of Learning on PerformanceWatters, Mikele; Watters, Mikele; Baloch, Qais; Winterburn, Lianne
2022-02-28Student mental health and virtual teaching strategies : Learning modules for educatorsLaffier, Jennifer; Rehman, Aalyia; Waligora, Denise; Hughes, Janette; Shackles, Shannon
2022-02-25Business Planning for ContractorsVan Harten, Steven; Carpenter, Katherine; Sarguroh, Wafa Waheed; Singh, Jaskaran
2022Indigenous Songs and StoriesCopenace, Carissa; Jones, Darcy; King, Shannon