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Title: Psychoactive Substance Use & Social Policy
Authors: Lewis, Jacqueline
Holland-Penney, Jillian
Fujita, Nobuko
Durocher, Jacqueline
Bernardon, Brandon
Robertson, Beth
Cormier, David
Carnevale, Patrick
Poulin, Madelyn
Paesano, Mikayla
Lawson, Minde
Fujita, Nobuko
Tambe, Shreyas
Higgison, Alicia
Keywords: #PsychoactiveSubstances
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2022
Publisher: Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor
Abstract: This course provides a critical exploration of social factors affecting our understanding of psychoactive substances (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opiates, cocaine, psilocybin, club drugs, etc.), their use and relevant social policy, and how these have changed over time. In the course students will engage in an analysis of the social factors influencing the origins and maintenance of prohibitionist policies at both the national and international levels, and the costs and consequences of such policies. They will also explore the movement for health and human-rights oriented policy change, including recent efforts at decriminalization, legalization and the introduction of innovative harm reduction efforts. While the course has a predominately Canadian focus, other countries are used as examples of policy alternatives. Each chapter requires students to read and watch course material and then do an assignment based on what they have read and watched. There are a series of questions at the start of each chapter designed to facilitate student engagement with the materials.
Other Identifiers: aa2f7ce3-7bcd-4773-9df1-f5f52ee6a5e5
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