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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-28HyFlex Course Design and Teaching StrategiesBarclay, Angela; Clarke, Kathleen; Domonchuk, Nicole; Hayman, Jenni; Shapiro, Sidney; Singh, Jupsimar; Young, Mel; Ceccolini, Krista; Mackie, Kyle; Wendorf, Sarah
2022-02-25Récit de vie et récit de fiction: l'autobiographie, la biographie et le conteBoultif, Amal; Atta, Adou Jean-Constant; Koné, Yaya; Maronne, Johanna; Boucher, Gabrielle
2022-07-01Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning : Practitioner HandbookHoessler, Carolyn; Hoare, Alana
2022-01-15Program Review Handbook : A Course-based Approach to Conducting Program ReviewHoare, Alana; Dishke Hondzel, Catharine; Wagner, Shannon
2022-03-01Best Practices in Developing and Teaching with XR Learning SimulationsTrimble, Lisa; Facchini, Linda; Paulson, Elan; Sitler, Evan; Nelson, Nancy; Brown, Jennifer; Dineen, Stacey; Frankowski, Kyla; Inglis, David; Herhold, Jessica; MacNeil, Drew; Patel, Paras; Turner, Cam; Yingbull, Michael; Yo, Sean
2022In Their MoccasinsJohnson, Sarena; Paypompee, Montana; Whissel, Kelsey; Mandamin, Samantha; Desjarlais, Kyle; Black, Miranda; Stone-Debassige, Mkons; Caribou, Jeremie; Pobuda, Tanya; Sampirisi, Jenny; Joan, Kaya; Blackbird, Jenny; Dallaire, Joanne; Willis, Heather; Chaboryk, Adam; Grover, Trina; Schwartz, Michelle; Ahmed, Namir; Barreca, Rachel; Lipscombe, Mnoden; Ge, Jenny
2023Ed Guide on Accommodations for Inclusive TeachingShurr, Jordan; Minuk, Alexandra
2022-02-28Arriving at Indigenous Knowledges : Decolonial Approaches for English Language Learners (ELL) (v. 2.0 - March 2023)Wang, Phoebe; Majeed, Michelle; Holmes, Natasha; Reynolds, Adrienne; Bahavar, Sanam; Brancato, Emilie; Freeman, Travis; Carpenter, Sandy; Leroux, Bernard; Pigeon, Julie; Chu, Sarah
2022-02-28Exploring Interpersonal Dynamics Through Role PlayJenkins, Catherine; Hobbs, Kevin; Norris, Joe; Forbes, Phoebe; Metz, Mike
2022-02-28The No-Tech Challenge : Teaching Adult Learners with Low-Tech AccessDiebel, Evelyn; Loach, Alison; McKenzie, Miranda; Minor, Danny; Seal, Marnie; Mackie, Kyle; Chabot, Keslie; Steedman, Julieanne; Amadorcruz, Gabriela; Found, Jade