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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Naming the Unnameable : An Approach to Poetry for New GenerationsBonczek Evory, Michelle
2022-02-15Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American SlaveBibb, Henry
2022-02-15Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American SlaveDouglass, Frederick
2013Nationalism, Self-determination and SecessionAndrews, Geoff; Saward, Michael; Open University
2013Native Peoples of North AmericaStebbins, Susan; Open SUNY Textbooks; BCcampus
2014Nature of Geographic Information : An Open Geospatial TextbookDiBiase, David; Pennsylvania State University. College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
2022Navigating Difficult ConversationsEamer, Allyson; Hughes, Janette; Kay, Robin; Fraser, Nancy; Hastie, Louise; Namukasa, Immaculate; Walsh, Katlin; Strutzenberger, Michelle; Craig, Christopher; Mutti, Sunny; Sui, Jing; Barek, Hiba; Middlemiss, Alexandria
2023-03-15Navigating Lifelong LearningResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022-02-22Negotiation, Closing, and Follow-upWali, Faaria; Hack, Adessha; Lo, Priscilla; Lambie, Kayla
2022-03-07Neuroscience : Canadian 3rd EditionJu, William; Pilkiw, Maryna; Taverna, Franco; Shcherbina, Maksym; Ju, William; Pilkiw, Maryna; Jarovi, Justin; Halawa, Adel; Saha, Supriya; Buklarewicz, Isabella
2018Neuroscience, 1st Canadian editionJu,Dr. William; Santos,Alexandra; Freeman, Amy; Daniele, Emerson
2020-05-30Neuroscience, 2nd Canadian editionJu, Dr. William; Georgia Bains; Ingrid Barany; Maksym Shcherbina; Summer Lee; Ingrid Barany; Maksym Shcherbina; Summer Lee; Thanvin Giridhar; Beatrix Yu; Alexandra Santos; Amy Freeman; Emerson Daniele; Amna Noor; Beatrix Yu; Bushra Ahmed; Hannan Algitami; Maksym Shcherbina; Sunny Sanghee Baek; Mira Chow; Rena Patricia Seeger; Andrea Pinto
2022New Approaches to Engineering Design Thinking Mindset : Idea GenerationEbrahimi, Shelir; Stepanic, Kristina; Taghvaei, Armaghan; Yazdanpanah, Reza; Ebrahimi, Shelir
2022New Course in Autonomous Electrified Vehicle (EV) System EngineeringSirouspour, Shahin; Bilgin, Berker; Ghaffari, Sahand; Farjadnasab, Milad
2022-02-27New Leaf Organic Chemistry Modules | “Plug and Play” Modules for Green and Sustainable Organic Chemistry EducationBongers, Amanda; Hollands, Samantha; Singh, Ishwar; Nguyen, Phung; Boyd, Alaina; Jessop, Philip; Le, Christine; Dicks, Andrew; Baker, Tyson; Moran Roman, Rodrigo; Brown, Sarah
2019-01-16New Media FuturesFaltesek, Daniel; Daniel Adams; Daniel Faltesek; Daniel Adams
2020-07-22Niagara College Libraries + Learning Commons Information Skills Online Handbook : A Guide to Getting Started with Research for Niagara College StudentsChambers Page, Jaclyn; Boschman, Siscoe; Reynolds, Kent
2022-02-15The Nicomachean EthicsAristotle; Peters, F.H.
2022-02-28The No-Tech Challenge : Teaching Adult Learners with Low-Tech AccessDiebel, Evelyn; Loach, Alison; McKenzie, Miranda; Minor, Danny; Seal, Marnie; Mackie, Kyle; Chabot, Keslie; Steedman, Julieanne; Amadorcruz, Gabriela; Found, Jade
2022-02-15North and SouthGaskell, Elizabeth