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Title: HyFlex Design in Indigenous Teaching and Learning
Authors: Martin, A.L.
Grey, Sam
Jonathan, Stevie
Mathews, Marrissa
Grey, Sam
Doxtater, Michael
Ford, Jessica
Jones-Keeshig, Deanna
Maracle, Carla
Martin, Chris
Restoule General, Aisha
Switzer-McIntyre, Sharon
Sandy, Derek
Jamieson, Nathan
Jamieson, Rebecca
Bomberry, Lisa
Jamieson, Jake
Keywords: Indigenous pedagogy; HyFlex (hybrid flexible design); cultural connections through EdTech
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2022
Publisher: Six Nations Polytechnic & The Indigenous Institutes Consortium
Abstract: This course contributes to the recent transition to e-learning by presenting the basics of “HyFlex” design and teaching, focused through an Indigenous pedagogical lens. “HyFlex” (“hybrid flexible”) is a choice-driven course delivery method that combines in-person, online, real-time, and any time elements to support individual learners’ learning styles and schedules. Candidates will examine and validate what constitutes Indigenous pedagogy and apply this to the current, virtual educational reality, determining what is involved in HyFlex classrooms (the theoretical model of HyFlex and, more specifically the practical basics of designing a HyFlex course). In addition, candidates will meaningfully reflect on the course of their own personal digital history, set goals, and determine their future path. How Indigenous pedagogies and decolonizing efforts can positively affect the HyFlex model of instruction will be critically examined.
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