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Title: Unreal Engine 4 : Intermediate
Authors: Centeno, Hector
Centeno, Hector
Wei, Lulu
Sanchez, Raphael
Keywords: virtual-production
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2022
Abstract: This course aims to provide a general overview of Unreal Engine as used in the Media Arts and Virtual Production, through the development of a simple project conceived and executed by media artist Hector Centeno. This course covers production paths that include the creation of virtual cinematography using tracked cameras (Simulcam) and real-time green screen compositing, specifically: how to set up a VCAM using Vive Trackers, baked lighting for scene optimization, general overview of the equipment and configuration for real-time compositing, and execution of a green screen based performance . Emphasis is placed on the use of the required techniques and processes that satisfy the desired artistic goals of the project, without attempting to explain every detail of the used tools. In this way, Media Artists desiring to incursion into using Unreal Engine for Virtual Production will get an overall sense of a simple process from beginning to end as experienced from the perspective of a creator.
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