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Title: Line E : Electrical Fundamentals Competency E-1 - Describe the Basic Principles of Electricity
Authors: Lidstone, Rod
Keywords: Electricity
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BCcampus
Abstract: You will use electricity daily. Vehicles and machinery are started and often operated by electricity. Electric tools make the performance of your job easier and more efficient. However, to use electricity safely and effectively, it is important to understand electricity's terminology and principles.The following list of lines and competencies was generated with the goal of creating an entry-level trades training resource, while still offering the flexibility for lines to be used as stand-alone books. E-1 Describe the Basic Principles of Electricity, E-2 Identify Common Circuit Components and Their Symbols, E-3 Explain Wiring Connections, E-4 Use Multimeters.
"Copyright Camosun College"--P. 2.
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