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Title: Pop-up Retail Strategies in an Omnichannel Context
Authors: eCampusOntario
Hong Yu
Sean Sedlezky
Ken Wong
Tony Hernandez
Pauline Larsen
Gay Stephenson
Keywords: marketing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Ryerson University
Description: Pop-up shops are temporary stores that “pop up” for a few days or months. They are a new form of retail operations that have gained popularity in the past decade. Retailers and brands of all sizes have implemented pop-up shops – from global and national retail chains, to small independent stores and even e-commerce pure players – that have positioned these initiatives as a marketing & communication tool, as incubators to test a market and/or new products, or as inventory liquidation venues. Pop-up shops have also been established as a solution for revitalizing communities where significant storefront vacancies exist. <br> This textbook includes 16 chapters, focused on 5 major areas: <ul><li>Pop-Up Retail Basics;</li> <li>Pop-Up Shops and Stakeholders;</li> <li>Practices and Strategies for Pop-Up Retailing – Primary Activities; </li> <li>Practices and Strategies for Pop-Up Retailing -Support Activities; </li> <li>Measuring Success of Pop-Up Retail Operations </li>
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