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Title: Interpreting Canada’s 2019 Food Guide and Food Labelling for Health Professionals
Authors: Jennifer L. Lapum
Oona St-Amant
Wendy Garcia
Lisa Seto Nielsen
Rezwana Rahman
Jennifer L. Lapum
Oona St-Amant
Keywords: nursing
food guide
Canada's Food Guide
food labelling
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: eCampusOntario
Description: This textbook provides the novice learner with a foundational understanding of Canada’s 2019 Food Guide and Food Labelling. It highlights important considerations for future health professionals seeking to adopt the new food guide into their practice, including strategies towards healthy eating. This open textbook underscores a relational inquiry approach to inform discussions with clients about nutrition and healthy eating. <br> <i>This resource was created from the collaborative efforts of selected faculty and staff at eCampusOntario Member Institutions as part of the Nursing Open at Scale Program.</i>
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