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Title: Professional Communications: Canadian Edition
Authors: J.R. Dingwall
Chuck Labrie
Trecia McLennon
Laura Underwood
Educational Technology and Curriculum Team
Bianca Parisi
Kent Reynolds
Wendy Ward
Peggy French
Keywords: Communications
Issue Date: 2019
Description: In the summer of 2018, Professor Wendy Ward bravely approached eCampusOntario to adapt an existing OER for use with her learners. The Pressbooks format provided a more beneficial platform for her teaching and learning environment. eCampusOntario collaborated with Wendy and Library staff, Bianca Parisi and Kent Reynolds over the summer to move the valuable learning and resources from Dingwall et al. original site into the Pressbooks format. The integration of H5P allowed for assessment and for the material to engage learners through interactivity. We invite you to take what you need from this OER, clone and adapt it, or further extend the material.
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