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Title: Pension Finance and Management
Authors: Sinha, Rajeeva
Keywords: Finance
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2018
Publisher: eCampusOntario
Abstract: This open textbook is a living document of knowledge and skills needed by finance students and professionals to design, govern, and invest financial resources from savings set aside during the working years, either by law (e.g., Canada Pension Plan), by mutual agreement (e.g. occupational pension plan), or privately (e.g. Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Tax-Free Savings Plan). Saving for retirement is among the most important financial decisions that Canadians will make in their lifetime, along with getting a mortgage and saving for their child(ren)’s education. This textbook is a work-in-progress that will evolve and grow over time to provide current information for adoption and adaptation in Accounting, Finance, and Management courses and programs.
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