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Title: Rehab Techniques in Oncology Workbook
Authors: Jodi Steele (PT)
Jaclyn Chambers Page
Siscoe Boschman
Keywords: Physical Therapy
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Niagara College
Description: This workbook was created by physical therapist Jodi Steele to provide information on appropriate rehabilitation techniques for oncology patients. This book can be used in practice or in the classroom.<br><br> Contents include:<br> CANCER AS A CHRONIC DISEASE<br> DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER<br> TREATMENTS FOR CANCER<br> LAB VALUES<br> MEDICAL CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR EXERCISE<br> BREAST CANCER<br> MULTIPLE MYELOMA<br> LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA<br> BRAIN CANCER<br> OVARIAN, UTERINE AND CERVICAL<br> PROSTATE AND TESTICULAR<br> GASTROINTESTINAL: COLORECTAL, PANCREATIC AND LIVER<br> HEAD AND NECK<br> LUNG<br> MELANOMA<br> SARCOMA<br> EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS<br> INTERVAL EXERCISE LOG AND PROTOCOL<br> PERFORMANCE INDICATORS<br> ASSESSMENT
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