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Title: Media Studies 101
Authors: Erika Pearson
Sy Taffel
Brett Nicholls
Martina Wengenmeir
Khin-Wee Chen
Hazel Phillips
Collette Snowden
Bernard Madill
Sarah Gallagher
Thelma Fisher
Shah Nister J. Kabir
Maud Ceuterick
Hannah Mettner
Massimiliana Urbano
Jane Ross
Media Texthack Group
Keywords: Mass media
New Zealand
Description: Media Studies 101 is the open educational resource for media studies studies in New Zealand, Australia, and Pacifica. We have constructed this text so it can be read in a number of ways. You may wish to follow the structured order of 'chapters' like you would in a traditional printed textbook. Each section builds on and refers back to previous sections to build up your knowledge and skills. Alternatively, you may want to go straight to the section you are interested in -- links will help guide you back to definitions and key ideas if you need to refresh your knowledge or understand a new concept.
"A Creative Commons Textbook.
"Made by Dr Sy Taffel, Dr Erika Pearson, Dr Brett Nicholls, Martina Wengenmeir, Khin-Wee Chen, Hazel Phillips, Collette Snowden, Bernard Madill, Jane Ross, Sarah Gallagher, Thelma Fisher, Shah Nister J. Kabir, Maud Ceuterick, Hannah Mettner and Massimiliana Urbano"--p. ix.
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